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Established in 1945, FEBIAS College of Bible was birthed to heed the call of raising up godly leaders who will fulfill the Great Commission, in the Philippines and in the world.

For 70 years, God has privileged us to train men and women of faith to accurately handle the Word of God and do the work of the ministry in building up the body of Christ. We aim to provide training and development in various areas of ministry such as pastorate, missions and evangelism, Bible teaching, Christian education, and church music.

Search for the
next FCB President



Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

By the grace of God and the work of the Holy Spirit, FEBIAS College of Bible (FCB) has produced many outstanding church leaders since its establishment seventy-two (72) years ago in 1948.

 It is with great honor and anticipation that I announce another major new season in the life and ministry of FCB.

The Board of Trustees has decided that the search for the next FCB President shall commence.

The term of office of the incumbent President, our very own alumnus, Dr. Anacleto S. Carag, having served faithfully for 13 years, an equivalent of about three full terms, will end in July 2022. Hence the need to start the executive search for a new President.

The Personnel Committee, plus additional members, was tasked to serve as the Presidential Search Committee.

The general guidelines and qualifications of the candidates are the following:


Having excellent mental, moral, spiritual qualities according to biblical standards.


The ability to do things successfully and excellently, having the gifts of administration & execution, exercising servant leadership and teamwork in management, in addition to being academically qualified. He must at least have a Master’s Degree in any course from a reputable institution of higher learning. 


Dedication to the Great Commission, to the building of the kingdom of God, to the vision, mission, and core values of the FEBIAS College of Bible.

The person must model ministerial engagements such as personal evangelism, intentional disciple making, and equipping of the saints; and must be dedicated to, and adheres with, the statement of faith, standards, culture and community in which FCB operates.

4.)  CHARISMA – 

Being endowed with spiritual gifts as reflected in the person’s ability to attract, inspire devotion and faithfulness, and to impact others towards the cause of the Kingdom.


Coming from close intimacy with God resulting to having strong compassion and care and strong relational skills with partners, supporters, faculty, staff, alumni, students, partner churches, and Christian organizations.


Has a God-honoring family, good community and good college life, and has a good shepherd’s heart. Preferably 50 years old and below.


A deep and clear sense of calling from God to serve in this capacity.

We request your prayers, for wisdom, guidance, direction, and discernment as we move on in this executive search.

May the one who is called of God, for the position, be chosen by the Presidential Search Committee

Should you know of a person, including yourself, who fits the above qualifications, please feel free to make your endorsement to the Search Committee.

Nomination for the position is open for FCB alumni and non-FCB alumni.

Thank you very much for your kind attention. God bless the FEBIAS College of Bible. God bless us all!!



( 柳 萬 安 )

Chairman, FEBIAS Board of Trustees


Thank you for your willingness to take part in the search process for the next FCB President.  Please download the form below, fill it out either electronically or by hand and send it to

Kindly give as much information as possible.  This will greatly help in the search process.  If you have any changes or questions please call 0919 200 3471 or email
You may nominate more than one person by filling out separate forms.

“I teach for the purpose of seeing God transform lives, so that those whom He has called to Christian service would be growing disciples of Christ, effective and strategic workers in completing the Great Commission of our LORD Jesus.”

Pr. James Aberin, Faculty

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