Scriptural Knowledge, Stable Faith, and Self-discipline

by Agapito Bernardo

It was a real test of faith to sign a promissory note stating I would pay my bills at the end of the month, not knowing where the money would come from. The Lord used anonymous donors and the Conservative Baptist Mission to strengthen faith to fully depend on Him who promised that “He will supply all my needs through His riches in Christ Jesus.” Not only in financial matters did I learn to live by faith, but even in the daily routines of classroom and dormitory life. Out of school for a number of years before enrolling at FEBIAS proved to be wisdom and understanding in tackling daily class assignments, term papers and never-ending homework. James 1:5 became real to me: “If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all.”

I learned (the hard way) that following rules was basic to submitting to any authority. If one had difficulty following earthly authority, how could he submit to divine authority? I experienced a disciplinary action which I have not been proud of. The experience was humbling but it helped develop my Christian character and integrity. Daily routine helped me organize and manage my time wisely. Mandatory morning and evening devotion times helped me develop a personal communion with the Lord. My Christian service assignments challenged me to share the gospel to the lost. In all of these, FEBIAS taught me self-discipline which I treasure later on in the ministry, when the required daily routines are gone and monitors are nowhere to check on me, when I’m on my own and give account only to the Lord for whatever I do.

Scriptural knowledge, a stable faith, and self-discipline- all that I am today I owe to the Lord for using faithful men and women He sent to lead FEBIAS as a training institution for those He called to the ministry. I am privileged by the grace of God to be counted as one of them.

This is My Story II, pp. 70-71
Photo by Aaron Burden