The Man Behind “Mabuting Balita”

As related by Mike Lacanilao

Christian broadcasting started early in the life of the Rev. Mike Lacanilao. A freshman at FEBIAS College of Bible, he started working as a part-time announcer with the neighbor Station DZAS, giving time checks and station IDs. Graduating from FEBIAS in 1958 as “Most Outstanding Student,” there was a ready full-time ministry waiting for him with the Far East Broadcasting Company. He literally rose from the ranks, having varied opportunities of newscasting, scriptwriting, preaching and managing both DZAS and DZFE at different times.

Then came the crucial assignment to Okinawa, Japan. Mike and his whole family was called to serve as missionaries with JOFF, FEBC station in Okinawa. It was during this missionary stint (1974-1976) when the invitation was extended to him by the Board of Trustees of FEBIAS College of Bible to Serve as President of his own alma mater. For six years (1976- 1982) he served as FCB President on loan from FEBC.

Ending his term as President of FEBIAS in 1982, he also retired from FEBC after 30 years of highly fulfilling ministry. However, new and greater ministries opened for him even after retirement. From 1983 to 1997 he served as Managing Director of Back to the Bible, Philippines while regularly speaking on the Monday edition of Back to the Bible Broadcast. He also served as the regular host and counselor of the nationwide radio program Dahil May Buhay. A well-known preacher, both on the air and behind pulpit he maintains a regular pulpit ministry in churches.

Mike established a “first” on secular news casting as a mainstay co-anchor of GMA Balita on Channel 7. While others ended their newscasts with quotes from great men or flashback in history, Mike quoted a Scripture verse and commented on it briefly. Because of the impact of his Mabuting Balita on GMA Balita, he was cited on September 4, 1993, as one of the ten outstanding Christian practitioners in secular media during the First National Christian Literature Conference held in Metro Club, Makati.

Mike was instrumental in the conversion of the late Helen Vela, also known as the Queen of Philippine Radio-Television. She was, indeed, a big “catch” for the Lord, a tremendous trophy for God, as she turned out to be an outstanding witness for the Gospel during her short five years as a Christian. She influenced and led many to the Lord, both in life and to her death in 1992.

This is My Story II, pp. 31-32
Photo credit: John Tewell