Extension Classes

The FEBIAS College of Bible Extension Program is designed to help churches in equipping pastors and lay ministers for the ministry. The program provides biblical foundations for ministry, theological orientation & practical ministry training.

This is offered in cooperation with partner churches or Christian groups which provide facilities and accommodation for the program to be efficiently offered in the area outlying the main FEBIAS campus.

For more information, contact:
Ptr. Jim Paul Delfin
FEBIAS Extension Program Coordinator

Ms. Merry Chris Abelado

(02) 34455947
SM: 0939.958.1448
GL : 0927.311.8133

For 70 years, FEBIAS College of Bible, by God’s grace, has raised men and women of faith who accurately handle the Word of God and passionately live out God’s message of hope in various sectors of the society, the country, and the world. Come heed the call of the Lord with us at FEBIAS.