Master of Arts in Theology, Major in Biblical Studies

Aimed to train Christian leaders and theological educators in evangelical distinctiveness and scholarly endeavors.


The FEBIAS Graduate Studies Division came into reality after much prayer and careful study by the FCB Administration and Board of Trustees. It all started in 1988 when SEND International offered to FEBIAS College of Bible its property in Karuhatan.

With the support of the Board of Trustees, the FCB President, Dr. Edilberto V. Banzuelo, pursued a fundraising campaign to raise the required amount to pay the SEND International property. In two years time, by God’s grace and faithfulness, the property was fully paid.

With a compound that had existing buildings, the feasibility of operating a graduate school seemed a positive reality. In 1989, two groups, headed by Dean Beulah Siodora & Mrs. Josie Pallorina respectively, were tasked to study the feasibility and the viability of setting up a graduate school. Both studies revealed a definite need and specific direction for the graduate program that will be pursued by FEBIAS College of Bible. The first class with 10 students started on June 7, 1994.


The FEBIAS Graduate Studies Division was established in response to the needs of the FEBIAS College of Bible (FCB) alumni and other christian workers to have an institution that can provide quality theological education at the graduate level.

The primary objective of this graduate school is to train christian leaders and theological educators in evangelical distinctiveness and scholarly endeavors. This training program shall combine strong emphasis on academic excellence, christian service and ministerial capabilities.

For 70 years, FEBIAS College of Bible, by God’s grace, has raised men and women of faith who accurately handle the Word of God and passionately live out God’s message of hope in various sectors of the society, the country, and the world. Come heed the call of the Lord with us at FEBIAS.