Child Development Center


FEBIAS Child Development Center views children as gifts from God with unique abilities and potentials that must be developed holistically according to godly principles.


The foundation of FEBIAS’ pre-school educational programs is the Bible with emphasis on development of knowledge and skills necessary for the elementary grades as well as character building through values education.

It aims to produce graduates who are God-fearing and God-loving; socially and emotionally adjusted with themselves, peers, and family and community; mentally alert and capable of managing their level of learning.


The FEBIAS Child Development Center is located at the FEBIAS Main Campus. The location with its walls and spacious grounds provide an excellent environment for the learning and play activities of active children.


  1. To develop the consciousness of God as Creator and Loving Father, who has a purpose for each child’s life.
  2. To encourage each child to put his trust in Christ, and to grow toward fullness and maturity in Him as stated in the Scriptures.
  3. To help each child attain optimum proficiency in the basic skills of listening, observing, speaking, reasoning, reading, writing and mathematics.
  4. To guide each child in acquiring habits and attitudes which will permit him to become a responsible and contributing member of society.
  5. To assist the child in developing his personality based both on proper understanding and acceptance of himself, his materials and his daily activities. To help develop awareness of our national heritage and pride in our national identity.


The Curriculum focuses on the following areas:

  • Physical Development
  • Personal-Social Development
  • Affective Development
  • Cognitive Development
  • Creative-Aesthetic Development

Learning Areas

  1. Communication Skills (English and Filipino)
    1. Listening
    2. Speaking
    3. Reading
    4. Writing
  2. Numeracy Skills
  3. Sensory-Perceptual Skills
  4. Socio-Emotional Development
  5. Motor and Creative Development
    1. Art
    2. Music
    3. Physical Education


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