FEBIAS Alumni: Kingdom Builders

Bishop Efraim Tendero

Secretary General, World Evangelical Alliance

Bishop Tendero is the current Secretary General of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA), a dynamic global platform for unity and action that comprise 600 million evangelicals in 129 countries with a vision to accomplish God’s purposes in discipling the nations for Jesus Christ.  WEA seeks to strengthen local churches through national alliances, such as the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches (PCEC), which Bishop Tendero served as National Director for more than 20 years. PCEC represents some 30,000 evangelical churches, 69 denominations, and 160 para church and mission organizations.

His rich ministry experience and dynamic preaching has taken him to at least 30 countries where he spoke about leadership, church growth and missions.  

Bishop Tendero earned his B. A. in Theology from FEBIAS College of Bible in 1978. He was a cum laude and was the recipient of that year’s Most Outstanding Student Award.

Bishop Leo Alconga

National President, Philippines For Jesus Movement

Bishop Alconga served Biblica for over 28 years.  Biblica, is a worldwide ministry that has been helping people read and understand God’s Word for over 200 years. It is committed to providing the Bible in accurate, contemporary translations and formats so that more people around the world will have the opportunity to be transformed by Jesus Christ.  Biblica works with over 85 strategic partners in the East Asia Region.

Bishop Alconga is the incumbent National President of the Philippines for Jesus Movement.  With more than forty (40) bishops from different Christian churches nationwide as members, PJM seeks a righteous, transformed and blessed country where God is the Lord.  

He is also a Member of the Board, Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches (PCEC); Chairman, Free Mission Churches of the Philippines; and Vice-Chairman, Philippine Mission Association.

Bishop Leo Alconga earned his B.A. in Theology from FEBIAS College of Bible in 1974.  

James Aberin

Chairman, SEND Philippine Sending Council (PSC)

James and his wife Helen met at FEBIAS College of Bible.  They were missionaries to Poland for seven years before returning to the Philippines in 2007.  

PSC’s mission is to mobilize God’s people in the Philippines to engage the unreached in order to establish reproducing churches.  The tide has turned for the Philippines, which used to receive thousands of missionaries. Pastor James believes the country is now poised to

respond to Jesus’ call to go and make disciples of all nations.   The availability of training at top-notch biblical institutions, coupled with an extensive church-planting and evangelism experience fuels this missionary force. During seminary, students gain tools and habits for ministry but it is not until actual ministry practice that the advantages of these training manifest itself.  

Pastor James has a Bachelor of Theology degree obtained in 1984.

Dr. Timoteo Gener

Chancellor, Asian Theological Seminary

The mission of Asian Theological Seminary is to glorify God by providing quality theological education to prepare leaders who will effect Biblical transformation in the Church and societies in Asia and beyond. It was started in 1969 by Far Eastern Gospel Crusade (now SEND International) missionaries. It is passionate about discovering how to incarnate Christ in the diverse contexts of Asia and training workers who can minister the transforming Gospel in those contexts.  

Dr. Gener assumed the Presidency of the Asian Theological Seminary in April 2011.  Prior to that, he taught theology subjects since 2002. He served the seminary in various capacities as  Director of Research, Head of the Department of Theology and Associate Dean of Faculty since 2009. He was also the Director of the Theological Studies Program of the Asia Graduate School of Theology – Philippines.  

Dr. Gener holds a Bachelor of Theology degree from FEBIAS College of Bible.  He graduated Magna cum Laude.

Ptr. Pio Tica

Pastor, Malabon International Baptist Church

The Malabon International Baptist Church under Bishop Pio, is an active church, engaged not only in the spiritual uplift of its community but also even in the political aspect.  Bishop Tica leads Laging May Pag-asa Foundation (LAMPF) and is also instrumental in the creation of the Malabon Ministers for Moral Values (MMMV).

The story of the Tica family is a powerful reminder of the impact of just one copy of the Bible.  His father, Eriberto received a copy of God’s word from the Gideon’s International that led to his receiving Jesus as Lord and Savior.  From then on, the succeeding generations become pastors, preachers and church planters. To date, more than 600 churches have been planted by members of the Tica family.  

Bishop Tica is currently the President of the FEBIAS College of Bible Alumni Association.

He is an ABTh, 1970 graduate.